Repair and Maintenance


We at Tyne Gangway (Structures) Ltd. are capable of effecting repairs to all types of aluminium structures. Minor repairs are quite easily carried out however where the main strength members have been disturbed, we are obliged to carry out a load test, in order to prove the integrity of the repair.

Clients should not rule out repair as an option despite the apparent poor condition of the equipment. Because aluminium is not effected by normal corrosion factors the base material can be worked without this factor to consider. The photographs seen here are the before and after shots of a telescopic ship’s accommodation ladder, rescued from the bottom of Dover harbour. Upon its return to the ship the crew were so convinced that a new ladder had been provided, they demanded class certificates, as well as the simple load test certificate we had agreed with the owner.

When considering the merits of repair, the client should take into account the cost of transport to and from our works, together with the additional cost for a load test, which if witnessed by a classification society representative can prove very expensive.

For standard equipment maintenance is minimal, other than the self levelling step accommodation ladders and passenger gangways which requires lubrication of the step mechanism to prevent wear and noise from the otherwise dry bearings.

More sophisticated gangway systems are provided with a maintenance schedule at time of handover. The company rarely undertakes maintenance contracts for it’s products due to the remote nature of the sites where this type of equipment is deployed.