Shore Based

Full design and/or manufacturing service available:

  • Designs tailored to fit clients access parameters
  • Solutions to fit all budgets
  • Full compliance with statutory requirements guaranteed

Whilst all systems produced by Tyne Gangway (Structures) Ltd are designed around the site parameters and specific needs of the client the more sophisticated systems can incorporate such an extensive range of features that it would be impossible to cover all of the possibilities in such a brief description. However some of the features which can be incorporated are:

  • Automatic lift off under emergency conditions (including audible warnings where appropriate)
  • Provision of a link gangway and any appropriate shear pins to increase safety and reduce damage to the main structure in the event of an emergency
  • Multiple entrances to suit a multi-access situation and multiple ship use
  • Telescopic gangway operation
  • Traversing / slewing of the gangway to aid ship connection
  • Powered movement of the system along the quayside
  • Operation by means of hydraulic and / or winch wire rope systems
  • One man operation from the gangway deck level and / or ground level, Access gangways are manufactured from Aluminium, whilst support structures are manufactured in mild steel

Mid range systems generally comprise single length walkways inside a support frame. Operation is by the following method. The walkway is raised to the required operating height by means of a lifting beam. The frame is then moved to such a position that the walkway can be connected to the ship. Once the walkway is connected the lifting beam is withdrawn to allow the gangway to follow the movement of the ship. Walkways are manufactured in Aluminium whilst support frames can be manufactured in either Aluminium or steel. Structures of this nature can be manufactured to cater for angles of inclination of up to 55 degrees.

The standard surface finish for walking areas on this type of structure is of anti-slip 5-bar patterned aluminium although grating or bituminous finishes can also be provided. Raising and lowering of the walkway can be achieved by one or a combination of the following, hand or powered winches & wire rope, hydraulics or the use of ancillary lifting equipment such as a portal crane. Movement of the system along the quay can be achieved by a variety of methods, which can include the use of integral or external power sources.

Simple systems can range from an access gangway fitted with lifting lugs, castors / wheels and a bottom trolley to aid mobility, to the type of equipment described above for the mid range system. In the case of the simpler systems movement and / or the raising and lowering of the gangway onto the ship is achieved by the use of external equipment such as cranage, fork lift truck etc. Structures of this nature can be manufactured to cater for angles of inclination of up to 55 degrees.